XingTai City HongFei Bicycle Industry Co.,Ltd..with habitation at 2 km west of China Bicycle Parts City,is along side the XingQing Highway.It is 60 km west of Beijing-Kowloon railway,and 56 km east of Beijing-Guangzhou railway.It enjoys advantaged geographical situation and convenient traffic status,which is one of the best choice of yours.
                      We are specialized bicycle parts factory ,we characterized ourself in first rate management,abundant economy strength,modern production crafts and equipments,stylish products,high qulity,variety of goods.All the success past made us a good fame in China an world bicycle field.The products,front&rear axis,medium axis,saddles, freewheel, pedals, baskets,crank,cradle bikes and fittings,are all according to National Standards in many times of Provincial and Municipal spot and the products is praised as trusted goods in Hebei province.Our goods has marched to Europe and America,South East countries and areas,and in China we hold stable sales in over 20 provinces and cities.
                      Recent years,we have gradually optimized series of products and management system and invested more to technology innovation projects,as result our enterprise is growing bigger continuousl.It is the fact that our company have grown to be a famous and excellent one in view of it's modernized management,standazdized production,beautified company yard.
                    Since the foundation of company we have adhered to principles"Benefits is from science & technology,from quality,from management,and to be honest man,to be fine credti".
                      We pay warm welcome to your patronage and instrucions,we hope to have your joint hands in cooperation and in the efforts for better future.
                    ADD:No.2 Dongmayan Industrial Area Pingxiang County Hebei Province  TEL:0086-319-7882166  7882278  FAX:0086-319-5020119
                    Copyright :Xingtai City Hongfei Bicycle Co.,Ltd.
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